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Mission and Areas


Per the Founder and Grantor of The Ikoku Charitable Trusts, its originating charitable mission includes a commitment to developing ways to attend to and promote the public interest within Africa and across continents, within and across local and global communities, and also within and across fields and modes of communal participation, cultural expression, daily living and knowledge production.

Mission Through Areas

A primary means by which The Ikoku Charitable Trusts fulfills the originating charitable mission is via a tripartite structure that entails its particular relationship to The Ikoku Foundations. The Ikoku Charitable Trusts holds and manages the donated assets of The Ikoku Foundations, and periodically distribute portions of said assets to the Foundations for their charitable operations. The holding, management and distribution of these assets are done with specified attention to the Trusts Areas of Philanthropy and Public Benefit — all eleven of which are delineated by the Founder in The Declaration of Trust.

Trusts Areas as Aegis and Auspices

Thus philanthropy and other good works are administered, developed and funded under the auspices of the Trusts Areas of Public Benefit — which are not separable lines of account — but dedicated areas, and where needed accompanying financial instruments, that are tasked with focusing attention, commitment, resources and assessment as The Ikoku Charitable Trusts conceives, conducts and periodically reviews its charitable efforts.

View from Below of Bridge Cables
Lekki Ikoyi Bridge, Lagos, Nigeria, February 2019 (Babatunde Olajide)

Trusts Areas of Public Benefit


The Ikoku Charitable Trusts develop and carry out its charitable purposes and philanthropic work via the Trusts Areas of Public Benefit delineated below, for which provided below is access to further information:

Agriculture and Sustenance

Civics and Governance

Cultural and Technological Innovation

Energy and Infrastructure

Ethics of Research and Care

Human and Environmental Health

Humanistic Expression and Inquiry

Public Discourse, Opinion and Knowledge

Rights and Covenants

Youth Communities

Actor in Macbeth Costume
Macbeth, Undated (New York Public Library)
Schoolgirl in Uniform at Doorway Looking Above
In Uniform, Liberia, March 2019 (Adrianna Van Groningen)
Girl Kneeling in Busy Street
Tibetan Girl, 2017 (Journey Yang)

Good Works via the Trusts


Also provided below is access to a number of good works that are administered, funded and reviewed under the auspices of the Trusts Areas. Note that the development and operations of these good works are the purview of The Ikoku Foundations, and so the access to further information will, as appropriate, eventually guide you to the Foundations themselves.

A — The Divisions

Division | Arts

Division | Civics

Division | Humanities

Division | Sciences

Division | Societies

B — The Curricula

The Core | Curriculum

The Core | Papers

The Core | Courses

The Core | Seminars

The Concentrations

C — The Data

C — The Platforms

Dais for Academic and Intellectual Sessions

Panels for Engagement, Learning and Support

Woman Bending Down to Tend Crops
Sierra Leone, 2017 (Annie Spratt)
Child in Costume Looking at Camera
Niño, Cusco, Peru, 2018 (Ben Ostrower)
Woman Seated on Mat on Floor, Holding Fan
Seated, Kpone Katamanso District Assembly Office, Tema, Ghana, 2017 (Nathaniel Tetteh)
People Holding Peace Banner and Respect Sign
Women's March, Boston, USA, 2017, (Alice Donovan Rouse)

Also at The Trusts

As stated earlier, The Ikoku Charitable Trusts is dedicated to fostering philanthropy and good works concerning Africa, its global diasporas and a range of shared societies — toward the betterment of lives across the globe. And so in accordance with the above, The Trusts provides the following:


A Nonprofit Dedicated to Africa

An independent, private, non-profit organization that serves the public interest in Africa and its global diasporas — by advancing education and research and by also supporting creative ideas, civic endeavors and emerging communities, organizations and societies.


Support for a Global and Just Future

A founding mission and ongoing emphases of support for good works that help the public understand Africa’s essential place in a global future, one that is to be more knowledgeable, environmentally sustainable, equitable and of benefit across communities in just societies.


A Vision of the Public Good

A vision of the public good that accounts for the past while ensuring a just and shared future. That draws inspiration from peoples who, despite a history of systemic difficulties, maintain an unyielding belief that the betterment of their human condition will foster the betterment of those living around them and will enhance the present and futures of the regularly disenfranchised, marginalized and underserved.

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